"As a writer, it's so important to remember the nature of the game we play."


                                             - Taylor

Taylor Byas is a black Chicago native currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is now a second year PhD student and Yates scholar at the University of Cincinnati, and an Assistant Features Editor for The Rumpus. She was the 1st place winner of both the Poetry Super Highway and the Frontier Poetry Award for New Poets Contests. Her chapbook, BLOODWARM, is forthcoming from Variant Lit (July 2021). Her work appears or is forthcoming in New Ohio Review, Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, Glass, Iron Horse Literary Review, Hobart, Frontier Poetry, SWWIM, TriQuarterly, and others.


Taylor on Rejection


As a writer, it’s so important to remember the nature of the game we play. Every magazine
has its own needs, its own aesthetic, its own vision for what each issue will look like. And as
an editor, it’s never easy to make decisions and have to send rejections. I have to tell myself
that most of the time, a rejection is not a reflection of me or the work. When publications
say “this piece isn’t right for us at this time,” they probably mean it. When they say they want
to see more work, they probably really do. But I’m always telling myself that a rejection is
never a flat out “No”, it’s just a “No, not this one.” And that just motivates me to send that
rejected piece out to more places to find that perfect home.


Types of Feedback Offered


Poetry - line edits and/or macro concerns such as poem structure, titles, flow, etc. 


NF essays - line edits and/or macro concerns such as cohesiveness, voice/perspective, titling, structure/organization, etc.


Response Time


2 weeks



No fee. Tips appreciated.

3 page poetry max

5,000 word max NF essay

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