"I feel like my life has been a symphony of rejection."


                                             - Stephanie

About Stephanie

Dr. Steph is a psychologist with a doctorate from Purdue University. She has a variety of experience that enhances her skill as an editor. As a psychologist, Dr. Steph specializes in counseling creatives with an emphasis on understanding self-identity as a means of enhancing craft. She understands the uncertainty caused by societal norms and expectations, and helps people connect to their truth. As an educator, Dr. Steph teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and has served on dissertation committees. She specifically helps students improve their writing skills with a focus on depth and clarity of content. As a writer and editor, Dr. Steph's area of expertise is in nonfiction. She is comfortable with any work that falls within that realm (e.g., self-help, CNF, memoir, academic, etc.). 


Stephanie on Rejection


Having rarely taken a traditional path, Dr. Steph has encountered significant rejection along the way. She experienced several traumatic experiences in her youth and spent many years acting out with self-sabotaging behaviors. Throughout her life, she has developed the fortitude to keep going in the face of adversity, which results in resilience and growth. She understands the anger and sadness that arise with rejection. Yet, she also believes that the more you accept rejection, but not absorb it into who you are, the better you can shift focus and try again. She believes with writing, as with many things in life, one should listen to the feedback, change what you think you need to change, and let go of the rest. 


Types of Feedback Offered


Dr. Steph is highly skilled at recognizing patterns. With that, she notices the missing pieces, the gaps, and the ways the story is sitting on the surface when it could sink much deeper. With Dr. Steph, you will likely increase your vulnerability and find ways to truly express yourself. It might be challenging, but she is very supportive and kind, and she is skilled at offering feedback and shifting perspectives. If you have been told your piece is "not quite right" or "almost there," then she is the editor for you. She is also adept at sentence structure and writing with clarity, so if your words seem fuzzy or your focus is absent, she can help you align. 


Response Time


2 weeks for 2,000 words or less 


1 month for longer works


Sliding scale and/or tips via CashApp, Square, or Zelle only

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