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Hello, everyone. It’s your friendly neighbourhood degenerate here, and I have some exciting news to share, as Versification keeps growing everyday, thanks to all of you.

Everyone here has been working very hard to make sure the zine is as enjoyable as it can be, because we are passionate about what we put out. There are a lot of exciting things to come, so be on the lookout! Some of you may not know that apart from literature, my other passion is music. I love listening to it, and I especially love playing it. I am happy to announce a new series entitled “Ramifications.”

Unfortunately, a lot of published poems get lost in the ether and are forgotten about. What this series will consist of is every so often, I will pick a poem that Versification has published in the past, and I will translate it into my own interpretation through music. What I mean by this, is that I will compose a piece of music that expresses how the writing makes me feel, and I will perform that music with the poem available so you can read along. Your interpretation might be different than mine, and that’s okay! Because of this, I will try to experiment with different styles of music to bring new meaning to the poem. Poetry and music to me have always gone hand in hand, and I think that starting something like this is a great way to expose people to the idea that different people have different feelings about certain things. A poem that makes me angry might make you happy, and vice versa.

There will be no set schedule as to when I do these, because I care about quality over quantity. Poems will be picked based on my judgement of how well I think a poem expresses a certain identifiable emotion and/or tone.

To kick this series off, I will be starting with a poem of mine that was recently published in Versification entitled “My Girlfriend Doesn’t Believe Me When I Tell Her These Things.”

I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I will.

Don’t be a punk, and happy reading.


Ramifications #2….featuring “Call It” by Jessica Frelow, with music by Rami Obeid.

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