"I believe rejection provides an opportunity for eventual success."


                                             - Matthew

Matthew Feinstein is a neurodivergent poet from Tracy, California. He is pursuing an MFA at Randolph College, starting in Winter 2020. His work has appeared in Drunk Monkeys, Macqueen's Quinterly, Rejection Letters, Stone of Madness Press, and elsewhere. He is the founding editor of Plum Recruit and just released his debut chapbook, Breeds of Breath (Alien Buddha Press 2020). He once appeared on court television with his former roommate over a whopping 130 dollar dispute.


Matthew on Rejection


As someone who has received over 150 rejections in the past year, I have learned to take rejection as something to grow from rather than be disappointed by. No one will be a desirable candidate for everything, and because of this, it is important not to take rejection personally. I try to look at every rejection through an objective lens. I believe rejection provides an opportunity for eventual success. This success can only be achieved through hard work. If one is unwilling to put hard work toward being successful in something, I do not believe it is a point of weakness but rather an opportunity for that individual to find something they are passionate about.


Types of Feedback Offered


I can provide feedback on poems at both the content and sentence-level. Generally, I like to make comments and suggestions in the margins of Microsoft word or Google docs. For content-level questions, I like to start with "I wonder" statements. The author is always the authority on their own work. For sentence-level feedback, I tend to suggest rather than be intrusive or pretend I am an end-all opinion.


Response Time


1-2 weeks




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